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November -30% OFF Factory Sale*

November 2021 Current Promotions

Note: Discounts shown are 'pre quantity discount' and prices may be lower for volume and quantity. The Calculator shows you available discounts applied to your custom requirements at time of order for custom made products. Offers or discounts may change or expire. Prices shown as of November 2021 via the Calculator. You will receive a Statement of Wholesale Supply with every order for your tax status. E&EO

*Advertised Factory Discount = Storewide Discount + Highest Wholesale Discount
E.g. Factory Discount (-30%) = Storewide Discount (-10%) + Highest Wholesale Discount (-20%)

Storewide November Sale -10%
Wholesale Fence Mesh -20%
Sports Mesh -20%
DuraBanners -17%
DisplayStar -20%
Display Chief -20%
GloBanner -8%
AdFlyer -8%
TePro -18%
Velo -16%
Quantity Quantity discounts are also applied for each line item. Use QTY
Volume As your order s/f or m2 increases, additional 'Volume' discounts are applied. Use QTY
Free Shipping Free shipping is available for orders above $136.00
Some Shipping Applies Some shipping applies for orders under $136.00 T&C's
Some Shipping Applies Some shipping applies for orders above $2,400.00 T&C's
Trade Prices Further Discounts If you are a higher volume buyer above 1,000 s/m per month please contact factory.
Buy Direct We supply you with a 'Statement of Wholesale Supply' for your taxation/reseller records.
Limited Time Offers Prices are at time of order only and current promotions may expire or change without notice. For full terms and conditions please see T&C's here.
Login No login is required to order. As you move through the steps of the Order & Calculator your details are used for shipping label purposes only.

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