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Dura Sports Mesh is the strongest medium weight outdoor grade printed banner designed for fast install on crowd barricade fencing for event signage & sponsor logos, event finish line parades etc. Examples Dura Fence Mesh Banner (used by Builders, Construct & Temporary Fencing Co's etc) is a super tough outdoor grade heavy duty mesh banner sign for site fences, hoarding, privacy & dust control etc & other. Step Repeat Print or Full Length Graphic(s) Examples Dura Banner (Advertising Signs) is a super tough heavy duty multi purpose outdoor grade smooth banner sign for advertising signs, shop signs, promotion indoor & outdoor, large or small banner signage. Examples Ad Flyer Flags are outdoor grade flag pole 'Flying' flags custom printed company logo and custom printing advertising flags used on tall flag poles. All flags are left side reading. Polyester Outdoor Gloss Material The Display Chief Fabric suits all indoor displays where high quality photographic anti glare fabric can be printed with high resolution images and logos. Use for indoor wall flags, exhibitions, upright and freestanding pop up displays and expanding systems. Examples Display Star Banner material is used for retail displays, exhibitions, tension frames, wraps, covers and free standing frames. 260g General purpose heavy duty 520g inner ply vinyl banner. Vplus is one of the most widely used all purpose vinyl banners with excellent printing qualities and material strength. The Te-Pro 600 denier is a heavy duty canvas with superb print and color properties for advertising tents, structures and banners. Folded for shipping. Velo is ideal for displays, retail window displays, fabric posters, lightbox, fashion and visual merchandising. Smooth, slight satin sheen it can also be used in light box displays with wedge edge. Popular Visual M material.

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