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Eyelets - Grommets Silver Nickel Plated

Stylish NO RUST Silver Nickel Plated eyelet grommet washers are machine punched.

Pneumatically sealed eyelets are automatically placed along the perimeter of your banners and signs to suit your orders preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

The two (2) most common questions are:

#1 Where are the Eyelet Grommets placed? We place the Eyelet Grommets from Top Left to Right, Bottom Left to Right, Top Left to Bottom, Top Right to Bottom. Eyelet Grommet spacing (apart) is chosen at the Price Calcuator or Easy Template Maker.
#2 Will the Eyelet Grommets rust? NO. We use Nickel plated brass eyelets which do not rust.


Outside Diameter 20 mm
Inside Hole Diameter 8mm

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